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Well, he was.
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Default Re: Are you tired of Wolverine being overexposed?

Imo X2 handled the characters better because each was sent in a mission, they had a purpose for what they did, except Cyke .

In Avengers they didn't have that until the final battle where each had a role to play.

i loved Yukio and hope she returns for another Wolverine sequel or X-Force.

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
but yeah it's time to remind audiences X-Men is an ensemble.
It's never not been an ensemble. The Wolverine solos aren't X-Men movies, the last main X-Men movie just two years ago. It's not so long that X-Men isn't viewed as an ensemble

Originally Posted by SuperT View Post
Fans: We're over the black leather suits. Give us more comic accurate!
-production gives us comic-book accurate costumes-
Fans: They look too much like the comics/cartoon. UGH! WTF!

No wonder studios don't listen to us, we don't know what the hell we want.

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