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Default Re: "Thor needs no sleeves" Costume Thread - which look does Chris Hemsworth rock bet

Originally Posted by Webfoot Hero View Post
I like seeing him both way since that's how Thor has been dressed in the different iterations of the comics.
Exactly! I thought the metal sleeves look just like he looks now in the comics having the modern suit while the sleeveless scenes in Avengers had this classic costume look.

I can see both versions for certain situations and reasons. While the sleeveless version is more comfy and casual, the covered arms look like a proper protection and armor. If he would go into battle without that protection it would look kinda silly. Like everything is covered and protected very well, but one giants axe blow and he could loose his arm? lol...

I can hear you fangirls boo-ing at me right now cause I prefer less skin to be shown, stay cool I'm one of you. Besides there is another shirtless scene

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