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Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Not to pick a fight on subjectivity, but really? It is more tightly woven in narrative? The Dark Knight is an (arguably) flawless game of constant ratcheting tension that is in a perpetual state of third act climax for nearly all of its 2.5 hour running time. It is precisely written and edited. The Avengers was top heavy on scenes that felt added on for exposition or character filler set-pieces (ex: Iron Man fixing a turbine for 20 minutes, Agent Hill in a random car chase).

And I really do not think any character in The Avengers is as richly drawn as the Joker, Harvey Dent, Batman or James Gordon. I just do not see it.

You obviously saw very very very different versions than I did. Anyone who says this isn't incredible subject just needs to hear you precisely and flawlessly stuff then listen to one of my very long rant.

It just seems the bad or illogical stuff in the Dark knight is below your radar or doesn't matter to you and it communicated the good stuff to you where it ( pretty much completely ) failed for me and for you this seems true of the Avengers.

I'm actually kind of bitter about this. I want the blasted Batman film Begins hinted might be possible. I am so happy for the reboot and in whose hands it is.

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