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Default Re: What DIDN'T you like about Iron Man 3? *SPOILER ALERT*

There was so, so much wrong with this film I'm not even sure where to begin.

Lets start at the beginning...
The opening song, Blue. As soon as I heard I wondered if I'd walked into the wrong theater. I HATED this song, it was horribly cheesy but someone obviously thought 'hey, what about that Blue song, that's like todully 90s!!' That was the first alarm bell, that this song had made it into the movie at all.
The opening exchange lacked the chemistry and wit of the previous films (with the 'botanist').
So then we're in the lab, with a cheesy monologue running over the top.
The whole thing with the anthropomorphized robots is that they're incompetent but ultimately try to assist and Tony never treats them with contempt which is why 'dummy? Hi dummy! How did you get that hat on your head? You earned it. Blood on the floor, deal with it' is so out of place and is pretty unlikeable.
Then we get the 'drop my needle' bit where there's some cheesy christmas song to which tony flexes his muscles (cringe worthy) and the parts proceed to fly onto him 'comically' with a smack in the nuts and the faceplate which seems to have a character of it's own and sits there, hovering in mid air like a bull ready to charge "Come on, I aint scared of you". He then does an unnecessary flip to catch the mask, lands in the iconic iron man pose and says 'I'm the best' (at which point I had a bit of puke in my mouth) and then 'comically' gets hit in the butt and the suit shatters on the floor. *hilarious

Now that's the first five minutes and I've got alarm bells going off all over the place. This isn't the driven, focused, multibillionaire, playboy, genius developing a new suit, it is a comedy sketch written for laughs (badly). It is so crude and basic in the points it hits it's like it's written by a child for children. The parts of this incredibly high tech piece of equipment don't have a consciousness or character, it's not a disney broom that's refusing to sweep the floor. It's supposed to be the most advanced piece of weaponry on the planet, the ultimate peace keeper and killing machine.

Now I could do that all the way through the film, it is so woefully wrong that it actually makes me angry. The whole story arc, content, writing, character development, the kid, the drone suits, the pacing, the tone, the twist were all off.

It's a tragic example of what happens when studios get involved. They had complete freedom with the first one and it was amazing, I loved it. The second one had a bit of studio input and it was less good. By the time we get to the third one it's simply an exercise in appealing to as big a demographic as possible and merchandizing opportunities.
Favereau 'got' what iron man was about and created 'epic awesomeness' which is what I look for in a superhero movie. This was a 'made by committee' film and I'm actually pretty heart broken that they ruined it.
There's literally sooo much I could write but I don't want to impose an even bigger wall of text on you guys.

Anyway, that was my first post! Hi!


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