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Default Re: Are you tired of Wolverine being overexposed?

I mean, when Zak Penn openly admits that Fox has purposely molded this franchise around Logan from the beginning, it's hard for me to act like these films are just as much an ensemble as "The Avengers" was.

The only reason I could see RDJ's Iron Man feeling as overexposed as Jackman's Wolverine is mainly down to RDJ playing stark 5 times within the span of 5 years.

Other than that? The MCU franchise has solo films devoted to other characters. The X Films have only had one film that didn't center around Logan, and they couldn't resist throwing in a cameo just to have Jackman in there.

Hawkeye didn't have much screentime in Avengers? Whedon's already talking about giving him and Black Widow strong screentime because the other guys have their own film. Cyclops dosen't have much screentime in X2? Let's not only kill off the character because the actor had the gall to work on his friend/colleague's film, let's have his undeveloped role as xavier's heir go to Ororo and let's have Logan take his role in the romantic component of the phoenix story.

And here's the best part....after having Logan be the lead in three x films and two solo's of his own...let's make him a central character yet AGAIN.

While most people here want Fox to do a bajillion films with the same old OT cast, I have to laugh. Because all that would mean is more films where Jackman is the leading man. It's not like they're gonna suddenly decide to focus on Storm when they have Jackman.

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