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Default Re: X3 Fanedit Project

A rough cut list I've come up with for an X3: Cured Edition:

- Xavier Voice-Over
- Opening credits, tweaked with new title card
- Xavier and Magneto visit the Grey house (shots of Xavier walking cut for continuity)
- Danger Room sequence
- Scott haunted by Jean, cut straight into him on his motorcycle.
- Beast is summoned to the White House, Mystique interrogation (references to Trask cut)
- Charles and his students, Charles talks to Storm
- Beast visits the school, informs them of the cure
- Magneto crashes a mutant meeting
- Mystique in the mobile prison (re-coloured for night time)
- Rogue decides to leave (may use shots of her looking out of the window from the Bobby/Kitty scene, followed by her leaving and talking to Logan)
- Beast visits the cure facility, meets Leech
- Angel arrives at Worthington labs, refuses the cure (pre-credit sequence integrated in Nolan-esque flashes to better communicate his relationship with Worthington Sr.)
- Iceman discovers Rogue's absence, encounters Pyro at a cure centre
- Magneto frees Mystique and recruits Juggernaught (Multiple Man cut – he's pointless)
- Magneto discusses the weaponised cure, Beast resigns his role in the white house
- Scott arrives at Alkali Lake, awakens Phoenix. They embrace. Cut to...
- Xavier's horrified reaction. Storm and Wolverine go to investigate.
- Jean is recovered, Logan and Xavier discuss her condition (dialogue trimmed to reduce Professor *******.)
- Using the shots of Xavier using his power on an unconscious Jean, the fate of Scott is revealed as though Xavier reading her mind.
- Jean awakens again, throws her little strop and leaves the mansion.
- The X-Men arrive at Jean's house, fight fight fight. Xavier gets confetti'd. Fade out.
- Open on Magneto rallying his troops in the woods, while Logan looks on. Logan confronts Jean and Magneto gives him a swift exit. Calisto remarks about the dangers of Jean on their side.
- Shot of the empty chair, Storm and the others discuss what to do with the school.
- Logan returns and warns of Magneto's plan
- Magneto moves the bridge. Jean sensing a frightened child added.
- Alternate suit-up scene
- The final action sequence remains largely unchanged. Cut the obvious Juggy dialogue and maybe add some of the deleted action beats.
- Logan kills Jean
- Xavier's funeral. Storm's speech now inter-cut with some character fates. We see that Rogue has returned and refused the cure. Logan leaves the mansion (utilising shots of him packing and driving off cut from earlier). A new school year begins with Storm and Beast welcoming new students.
- Angel flying
- Mags moves the chess piece
- Closing credits
- Mid/Post credit sequence: Logan returns to Alberta Canada (The Xavier one is unnecessary and will be dealt with in future films)

Not sure if this will hold together when I eventually edit, but this seems pretty satisfying to me. My priorities were to HEAVILY reduce the downtime after Xavier's death, and so a few bits were moved up or cut entirely. A few bits of continuity can be cleaned up fairly easily too, and I feel that after the Wolverine, there are some simple changes that can better tie this into that. The more downbeat ending for Logan seems essential now. There's probably a handful of bad lines that could be tweaked that I'm forgetting about too.

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