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Default Re: Are you tired of Wolverine being overexposed?

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post

I find that, on the X boards the only people claiming that the Avengers was about Iron Man are the ones who are generally annoyed that the X Films are rightly criticized for not doing team dynamics and character screentime as well as The Avengers.
My opinion on the avengers being Tony stark centric is based on watching the film and seeing more time devoted to him than most. oh and also the fact that lets face it Ultron is going to be created through Iron man somehow in age of ultron, not because of being in denial about the x-men's treatment, and I personally feel that that exact reason you have just given is used by people who don't want to listen to anyones opinions but their own.

I hate x3 but you can't say that that film didnt have any team work just because it didnt have a huge action piece that allowed them all to be in different places at one time and communicate through headsets. X3 managed to bring in the danger room showing teamwork which foreshadowed the teamwork at the end of the film.

people see teamwork as "im speaking to you through a headset which must mean we all get equal time devoted to us" but in all honesty the avengers was an iron man and cap film. Thor was the storm of the avengers, Big special effects but little to say. Black widow was xavier, bringing the characters together by having connections to each and then doing something individually here or there, hawkeye was cyc as has been pointed out.

The two films are far more similar than you think but the difference is that the avengers characters had all been partially developed before they created the ensemble. Wolverine and Iron Man are both on par for being over saturated and I dont really care because I like both characters but it annoys me when people say x fans say it because they are basically in denial and I will voice my opinion on that.

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