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Default Re: Are you tired of Wolverine being overexposed?

him and cap are apart by like 30 something seconds with cap having more, but my point is that he is still up there in screentime, you cant just say it doesnt count because of a 30 second difference when he also has 3 solo movies. my entire point wasnt that I am saying it is wrong it is that people shoot down the similarity between him and wolverine and use the "it isnt the same because the avengers was more of an ensemble".

If I feel like I see too much Iron Man (which I don't) it is my opinion and not something that I will be told is wrong - it would be nice to see who has more screentime in total in relation to iron man and wolverine .

And my point about The batman saying x-fans in denial is because he said "generally annoyed that the X Films are RIGHTLY criticized for not doing team dynamics and character screentime as well as The Avengers." Rightly means that someone else is wrong, and I am just pointing out it that "rightly" is just his opinion.

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