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Default Re: "Thor needs no sleeves" Costume Thread - which look does Chris Hemsworth rock bet

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
One must wonder how the audiences would react if we got a shot with both Chris's (Evans and Hemsworth) being shirtless in the same scene for the next avengers film.haha

Originally Posted by slumcat View Post
Haha. That's not a look. He is not King Leonidas, he doesn't fight shirtless in battle. He has just two looks - sleeved and sleeveless.
Shirtless is a look. It's the best look. If I could pass a law decreeing that all of Marvel's Chrises have to be shirtless all the time, I would. (And then I would pass another law commanding them to cast Chris Pine in some role so that all the hot Chrises would be in the same universe. )

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