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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns - Part 1

Originally Posted by Szetsilya View Post
I wonder if SR would have been better if Henry was in the role? I ask because you said a Reeve's type Superman movie can't work without Reeve himself. That makes a lot of sense, but also Brandon is not that good of an actor, he doesn't put much personality in his characters and Reeve put so much into his one Superman role in 78, not even counting the other movies.

That's a good point ! I'm really not sure. I think that SR suffered from story problems as well as a lacklustre performance from Brandon Routh. Maybe Henry could have improved the character, as he is a better actor -but SR's flaws, in my opinion went way past just the main character. The film just doesn't give him much to do, other than float around looking thoughtful, and a bit sad. It was such a forgettable film, I mean, I remember Superman III, and it was pretty crappy, but more memorable than SR.

However, I can say that Brandon Routh would have been disastrous if cast
in Man of Steel.

What was really needed was a new direction for Superman films, and with Snyder and co, we got that in spades. It's more that the Reeve films were a product of their times. I actually thought the concept behind Superman IV,
was a great one (I remember the cold war), just really poorly executed.

However, Snyder and the gang got the feel of this one right. My wife commented that Superman(Cavill) frowns a lot. This is true, but that's a
function of the world he inhabits being a lot grimmer than the world of
Reeve's Superman. In that sense, a Reeve -flavoured (and really I should Say Richard Donner /Salkind flavoured) Superman film wouldn't work today,
even with Reeve in it. Those films are a tribute to their times, we look back
at them and smile, but if they were intended to be current, they would
look very out of place.

Maybe if the world is a happier place in 50 years or so, we'll see lighter, fluffier Superman films again. Who knows. Glad you enjoyed MOS. Peace.

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