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Default Re: DOFP Marketing Thread: What would you like Fox to do/show?

I think the right time for the official release of the teaser trailer is in November 2013 but I feel like its gonna feel like a long time to wait for a trailer like especially for the fans. And FOX should keep the buzz, so like I have this idea.

What if every week til the release of the teaser trailer, they could update the official site with a character profile every week or every 2 weeks. We already know which characters will appear in the film, but we still haven't seen their look like from head to toe, we haven't seen all of them with their X-Men outfit or their final costume in the film. Like for this week, they could show us a profile page for Professor X, with his head to toe look and a 1-paragraph character description. Then next its Wolverine, then next next week its Magneto and etc....

Back in 2003/2004, X-Men Legends did that and it really made me excited for the videogame. This would be really cool if FOX does something like this.

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