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I would like to add that those who were annoyed that TDK "grounds' it too much or isn't "comic book" enough, that I strongly disagree.

Nolan distills Batman, Joker, Harvey Dent, Gordon, etc. down to the essence and realizes what makes the Batman mythos so great ONSCREEN completely on cinema's terms. Nearly every facet about these characters that I love (though there are quibbles like more detection for example) is there and realized in the confines of what makes filmmaking special for a perfect marriage of character and medium.

The Avengers looks like a comic book onscreen. That is cool, but it also gives it a stilted feeling that will always keep the viewer at arm's length. It is great that special effects now allow any vision to be put onscreen. However, the more removed from what makes movies movies that it becomes...the more trivialized it risks becoming. If that makes sense.

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