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Default Re: Can Metallo character work in a Superman movie ??

Originally Posted by juansuperiron20 View Post
Don't forget Bats teaming Supes vs MEtallo and Lex... I like the idea
Well, if it's a true sequel, I would prefer that Batman merely investigate Lex while Superman defeats Metallo and confronts Lex, knowing that he has a friend who can find any cross-references and data to expose Luthor, or even plant evidence against him.

I want the team-up movie to be the sequel. Show some cooperation between the two characters, and have the sequel be the team-up movie.

Then Lex can get desperate and seek help from bigger otherworldly threats (like Braniac or something) to bring Superman down. I also want him to figure out that Bruce Wayne is Batman for the sequel. I guess that means Luthor's got to die somehow for that to happen without a giant plot hole

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