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Default Re: Can Metallo character work in a Superman movie ??

Originally Posted by Vaibow View Post
i was thinking about it again tonight and i am so torn at who i want in the role, plot and outcome. But.. right now i would like this.

We see a Metropolis that is being rebuilt, funded by Lexcorp.

The kryptonian tech has been recovered by the government and the contract to reverse engineer it has been given to Wayne Enterprises - luckily for lex, Zod disgarded his suit on lex's work site - he too can begin his own engineering.

The two companies, lexcorp and wayne enterprises appear to come to some sort of agreement, to 'help' each other.

Mean while, the world is divided by this mysterious super man.

The heart of it all, metropolis is split - Daily planet Pro, lex Luthor anti.

So Lexcorp weaponise the tech, create a 'super' soldier - armour that is almost hydraulic and is powered by the energy harvested from the world engine.

John Corben is the subject - eventually the energy it uses has a long term reverse effect on his health and he goes awol on a personal mission against superman.

Whilst all this is happening, a masked vigilante is tracking superman, watching him, studying him, superman is aware but, due to advanced stealth and recce of the area, this vigilante cannot be traced - small packages are left at the planet - clark realises he has been rumbled - this batman knows his weakness - his secret identity. They do eventually meet, an exchange of words is said, the batman tries to intimidate and stir emotions, but superman is keeping his cool - until he shows him pictures of clark and lois together - superman has a nerve hit, but, all the while, he is being weakened by a small rock batman has on his person.

A fight breaks out, as superman lays on the floor, batman almost pitties him, leaving a final warning...

The climax is superman having to deal with metallo, but not before batman comes to his aid, realising he is indeed, here for good.
But the film, IMHO, should be character driven. It should be about Clark and the exploration of how he interacts with others, including. And Batman shouldn't beat Superman. He should START OUT with the upper hand, but Superman should show him how silly it is to even try to fight by spinning Batman around or something.

But I like most of what you're saying. Batman should TOTALLY be a mysterious character that pursues Superman. Devoting screentime to Wayne tears the narrative focus in two, unless it's a quick shot of a Batcave. But I'd rather we not know it's Batman until he gets revealed when Superman confronts him during the fight (his X-ray vision sees the mask under the robo-suit).

It'd be a neater plot twist, and one that shows his intellect and stealth of the character. It also allows Batman to be dark and antagonistic, without being villainous.

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