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Default What kind of score do you want for the sequel?

What the title says.

I have a good feeling Hans Zimmer would be coming back, if they don't bring Zimmer back then the film would be a slight let down.

For Superman do you want it to stay the same? or have some new new music, in addition? Personally I loved the score in Man of Steel, I think that part is definitely unanimously liked among both haters and lovers of the film. Although, I wouldn't mind hearing Zimmer try to create something similar in tone to:

For Batman, do you want to have something similar to Zimmer's score for the Dark Knight Trilogy? Like these for example:


Or would any of you people want a different tone and something more closer to Danny Elfman's Batman? or perhaps something along the lines of the Batman TAS theme?


or would you just like to see music made for both characters only just so Zimmer doesn't have to go through the painful procedure of creating an all new Batman theme after making his own defining Batman theme? Like this for example:

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