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Default Re: My personal wish list

Here goes my wish list for MOS 2 (not BM v SM that's a whole
different wish list).

0) That the main character is still referred to mostly as Clark
or Kal. It was great how Lois always called him Clark, made us
think of him as a person, rather than the all-powerful Superman.
(remember, he was the guy drinking a Bud and watching football
when Zod showed up).

Even Batman doesn't get called Batman that often in Nolan's

1) continuity with the fate of Krypton and things Kryptonian,

- it's the one other planet that humans know was inhabited by
intelligent life, no need to introduce other alien species yet.

- salvaged Krypton tech should play a major role in the story, it
makes sense as it would be the only way that humans could develop
weapons powerful enough to challenge Clark.

2) continued public uncertainty about Superman

- as much as I hate borrowing from other films, the Avengers
post-battle news bulletin was a good plot device.

- yes, Clark did save the Earth, but its hard (especially for anyone
who lived in the destroyed parts of Metropolis) to forget that
Zod only came here because he was looking for Kal-El.
This needs to be addressed, even if only in a couple of lines.
(sometimes one or two well thought out lines can wrap up a
plot line neatly).

on that note part of that should be a geopolitical reaction to existence of Superman
- not a major issue, but just address it and move on.
- the rest of the world got Zod's message, so we need
some sort of reaction from the rest of the world.
(Personally, I'd like to see Vladimir PUtin **** himself, but that
wouldn't work in the movie).

3) Lex Luthor: Not Gene Hackman's con man, or Spacey's
shouty Lex, but a cold, cunning, manipulative Luthor without
bumbling sidekicks or bimbos. In the comics the guy is the
smartest human alive.
- also, Luthor has to be believable and have valid motivations.
he's not crazy like the JOker, so mayhem for mayhem's sake won't
cut it. He's more Gordon Gecko (Wall Street) meets Walter Bishop

- He has to hate Superman for a reason. Maybe someone he cared about
was killed during the battle with Zod ? Anyway, we have to be interested
in the character, and what made Zod work as a character was that he
had a motivation (that he pursued thorough terrible means) but we
understand why he does what he does. A similar approach should
flavour Luthor's character.

5) Bizarro or Doomsday: hear me out on this one.
- Now Luthor cannot contend with Clark Physically.
So, he's going to need a henchman who can.
Since he's a genius unmatched on Earth, he salvages the damaged
genesis chamber, and obtains some of Clark's cells. Because the genesis
chamber was badly damaged in the crash he can't grow a proper kryptonian, but manages to create either Bizarro or Doomsday. Maybe he sells it
as a "super solider" program for the govt, who knows.

Personally, I prefer Bizarro (save Doomsday for later).
if it's Bizarro, then maybe a Bizarro a bit like John Byrne's from '86. An
imperfect clone of Superman (none of that backwards talking crap) and
not that he's Superman with Down's syndrome. No, Bizarro thinks he's
Clark, has his memories and powers but he's messed up, both physically
and mentally -and carnage results. Would make a great scene with him
confronting Ma Kent, being very confused -we'd feel sorry for him.

He and Clark battle to a standstill,and maybe Bizarro eventually ends up sacrificing himself to save Earth (which would fit in with having Clark's
memories and aspects of his personality)

6) None of that awkward Clark Kent's the nerd and butt of office jokes crap.
( speaks for itself). He's just a guy doing a job (and taking a little time off to
save the Earth, every other week).

7) Clark having to deal with the guilt of killing Zod. A great justification
for Clark not wanting to kill again.

8) the next stage in Lois and Clark's relationship, it should be
****ing confusing, because while you shouldn't date co-workers,
it's not like their relationship can just stay where it is.

9) Not Super-breath. Sorry folks, I think it's Supes' lamest and most
ridiculous power.

10) maybe some hints that address the open stasis pod from the scoutship

11) more Easter eggs, hinting at the existence of other super-heroes and villains.

12) the nice little touches, like those up close shots of the butterfly, and the swing, the house in the rain with the clothesline, stuff that fools us into to thinking we're actually in the real world. It worked brilliantly in MOS.

Okay, I'm running out of stuff here anyway, I've said far too much already.

Peace !

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