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Default Re: Tdk vs Avengers

The Avengers without question, to me The Dark Knight is a great drama/crime movie while The Avengers is a great comic book movie. And I'm more of a comic book movie fan

I consider Batman Begins and the Burton films better Batman movies, but TDK is still enjoyable and highly rewatchable. Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent is just perfect plus Heath did a good job although I don't find him as amazing as most but his performance is definitely memorable. I just like more of the fantasy elements being heavily present in Batman like the immortality the Lazarus Pit gives, the strange abilities of Poison Ivy, and my favorite of all....Mr. Freeze. I really enjoy the world and feel of the Arkham games and would love to somehow see that on the big screen.

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I do consider TDK as a comic book movie, just sometimes reluctantly. It definitely is one.

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