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Well, he was.
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Default Re: Are you tired of Wolverine being overexposed?

Cap gave orders but up until that point he was never established as a man to follow, they didn't have any real reason to let him order them.

He became the strategist of the team at the end. But a leader must command respect and indisputed trust, in that regard Cap wasn't special but equal to others on the team, Thor, Iron Man or Widow could've told the others what to do and they'd be as likely to accept it.

I think TWS will attempt to establish him as the man to look to for guidance and leadership more so than the other heroes

(Cap is a sore spot for me. I loved him in TFA but in Avengers he never felt like a continuation of that character. Imo he needed more time in WW2 to become the living legend and master strategist he is supposed to be)

The only superhero leaders i can think of in CBMs is Xavier and Professor Broom, they each command lots of respect, are looked to as mentors and the only one capable of that role.


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