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Astonishing and X-Factor are both ending soon, so you can skip those, and Ultimate just sucks and hopefully will end soon as well.

All New and Uncanny aren't that old, so it might not be that hard to still find back issues or do a trade or two.

Wolverine and the X-Men has been around for a bit, but not that far, and the current arc has been built up from the first issue, and while many others say the book has dipped in quality recently, I still think it's readable so it's a good book to start from scratch with the trades and catch up on a few back issues.

Amazing X-Men will be starting in a month or two and that will kinda be running concurrently with WatX.

Both X-Force books are still young too, but I'd recommend" Uncanny" rather than "Cable and".

Legacy don't bother unless you like Legion.

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