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Default Re: Rumoured New X Men Cartoon

Originally Posted by JP View Post
Agreed, though both were vastly superior to the garbage TAS tried to pass off as designs and animation.
Ah, the 90s animation where bigger and bulkier designs, even for the thinner characters was all the rage. Lets not forget the pads and random pockets for no reason.

Having recently rewatched all three shows, the 90s series had some of the more mature and better writing. But that animation and much of the voice acting was pretty horrific. XE had a great final season and a half and much better animation, but too many stupid stories and was way too kiddie. W&TX was kinda hit and miss depending on the episode and gave us a weak Storm, a pouty and ineffective Cyclops, but we also got a lot of focus on Beast, Nightcrawler and others.

None of the shows were perfect. I can see why anyone would prefer a certain one over another.

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