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Tough one but I voted The Avengers simply because I've re-watched it more times and over the years TDK has chore for to watch/finish. I actually hate threads like this because I feel that people too often feel the need to belittle and tear down other's favorites to justify their preference. I also feel that Nolan's Bat-flicks get too much credit when it comes to redefining the genre by providing a darker more thoughtful tone for superhero films if anybody deserves credit for that its Bryan Singer and his X-Flicks.
Bryan Singer was the catalyst for the wave of comic films we've had since then. He took a team whose outfits would look gaudy and made them work on film. I think some things about Nolan's trilogy are overrated, but he showed us the hero's mindset in Begins, moral ambiguity in our heroes in Dark Knight, and the hero's vulnerability in Rises, including how the hero's persona can be a poison for the hero (to say nothing of turning Gotham into the animals Joker claimed them to be). Thus I think Nolan did more for comic film, but none of that would've happened if not for Singer's revival of the comic book film genre.

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