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Default Re: Let The Claws Do The Talking - Rate & Review "The Wolverine"

Good review, I agree with many points.

I like the feeling I got when I left the theater - even though I was a bit underwhelmed, I knew instantly I wanted to see it again. There was so much good in it to fully appreciate with the first viewing. I also know the ending bothers me less and less as the time goes by - and I think I'm starting to even like it once I've accepted the change in tone.
I also think this is such a quality movie that a couple of things that may seem out of place (change of tone in the end, Viper) stick out more than they would in an average film and will get a lot more critique than "deserved". There isn't much else to really generally dislike.
Japanese actors and the music score were also far better than I originally thought.
Violence is fierce, you can almost feel the aggression. Total opposite of Wolverine's X3 action scenes (in which he just...swings his hands and generic bad guys fall down in a very unsatisfying way).

Definitely buying the blu-ray, really looking forward to see it again many times as well as getting it R-rated. This is the same feeling I have with music and some of my best records: I know I like it, but I know I'll love it if I listen to it a couple more times. Opposite of when I'm disappointed like I was after the Origins movie - not trying to make up excuses or fix the movie in my head because I'm disappointed, no. Already like it, and I'm sure I'll love it. One of those movies that just gets better the more you watch them.

I've been watching the X-men movies again lately, here's my order:

Origins (which, of course, doesn't exist, but if it did something tells me I'd put it last)

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