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Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
Okay, then feel free to let me know in what ways I'm misusing the term.
Pretentious means something that thinks itself to be of greater importance than it actually is. It was never the film makers intention to make a movie that was trying to see itself as important, it was simply to make the best possible Batman movie they could. Just because a film asks it audience to pay attention and takes the subject matter seriously doesn't mean it thinks itself to be pretentious, how is it any different to what comic book writers do? Not every superhero comic is a continual run of splash page action scenes mixed in with some witty dialog. Some of them go pages and pages without action and are entirely dialog focused and require you to pay attention. What's the difference? One's an illustration? Because it's not as 'fun'? I don't recall every comic book story I've read to be 'fun'. If you don't like engaging storytelling and just want an easy fun ride, that's fine, but don't make out TDK is trying to be something it isn't, all it did was take a concept and do something different with it. Those who say it elevated the genre came from the people watching it, not the film makers, don't mistake the two. Not your cup of tea? Fine, but don't make out there's only one way to do superheroes, you're ignoring the very medium these characters are based on if you think that way. You say Avengers is proud to be a superhero movie - I agree, but if you think it shows off the best quality of what's in comic books you're sadly mistaken because the one thing good comic books have that Avengers doesn't is a story.

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