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Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
And you're calling TDK pretentious?

It more than elevates it; it captures why Batman has been so popular for so many decades while simultaneously making it current to the time it was made in (post-9/11 Bush Years paranoia). And is far more than the Joker. I will take its portrayal of Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent and Jim Gordon's triumvirate any day over the Avengers cracking wise. And I loved Whedon dialogue when it is cracking wise.
I wouldn't consider the characterizations of Bruce, Dent, or Gordon neither poor nor groundbreaking.

They're are reasonably accurate outside of Two Face (which I consider inaccurate) but nothing special.

Without Heath's Joker TDK would probably be in the same category as Dark Knight Rises which is pretty good but far short of legendary.

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