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Default Re: X2: X-Men United - 10 YEARS!

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
I preffer X1 too.

X2 had great moments, and the action scenes were better, obviously. And Nightcrawler is easily one of the best characters on the franchise, if not the best (to me)

but I LOVE X1 tone and intimate take. The whole first act of X1 is brilliant to me. The prologue, how both Magneto and Rogue had an introduction, then Wolverine's scene, the bar one, how Rogue and Logan meet. The whole introduction of the school, Jean and Wolverine on the lab. All the scenes between Logan and Rogue... the train scene, how the x-men worked as a team on Liberty Island, the final scene where Logan saved Rogue

I didnt like Cyclops role on X1, he deserved better material in my opinion, and the final fights were poor, but to me all the positive things of that movie make it my fave to date.
COMPLETELY AGREE! I love X1 and X2, but storywise X1 is the best X-men movie hands down. THE ORIGINAL most of the time is the best. Singer has the intimate feel hands down. In X-2 he was trying to lighten the mood just a little bit and show everybody more freely. Problem is Scott had limited screen time in X-2 and Xavier spent most of it strapped to a chair. Don't get me wrong I still love X-2, but nothing beats X1!

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