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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon - Part 1

Originally Posted by BenKenobi View Post
I realized the movie was gonna suck the second Hit-Girl told the guy attacking Dave to "promise he'd never turn to crime again". The thing that made Hit-Girl and Big Daddy so cool was that unlike Dave who followed the classic comic book rules, they understood the limited violence\no killing rule had to be tossed out.
I was thinking the same thing at first until it was apparent she was just taunting him into attacking. Kinda funny I thought.

Saw it...liked it. Quite a bit really. Laughed a lot. Will probably see it again.

Not going to place it up there with the first one because that's my #1 comic book movie and I never expected this one to match that. "Magic" usually only happens once.

This one could not have Mark Strong, Cage/Big Daddy, or 11 year old Mindy. That's three things I love about the first one. The music also didn't hit the same chords with me this time.

A problem that was tough to overcome is that they changed some stuff in the first movie from the comic but this one was stuck trying to adapt the KA2 comic with the same characters from the first comic. So Katie and the MF'er felt a little "off" here. Katie turns into a cold ***** and the MF'er goes from innocent Chris to evil Chris. Felt kind of abrupt to me.

Too bad it took so long to make because Dave and Mindy got older and I couldn't help noticing. Hard to believe Dave is still in high school to be honest. And Mindy is not quite as wacky a character at 15. I will admit her revenge on the "Mean Girls" cracked me up though.

But hey....was still kinda nice to see those characters again and I did have a good time watching it. Hovering between 7.5/10 and 8/10 for me. That's a decent step down from my 10/10 for KA1....but hard to complain too loud given the circumstances.

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