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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon - Part 1

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
You still need the brackets, just not the space after the brackets. If you "quote" my post, you can see what is should look like. Here:

Why did Dave girlfriend dump him? Doesn't she know why he is hanging with hit girl? Can't she put two and two together?
How was as kicker able to rejoin the team and we root for him? He got dave's dad killed.

And to respond to your question: She knows Dave's identity, but not Hit-Girl's. I don't even think Hit-Girl's even known as a public figure the way Kick-Ass is (since she and her dad made a point to erase evidence and kill security cameras wherever they made an appearance), so Katie probably doesn't know that Hit-Girl even exists.

She saw the little girl in the first one shoot the camera right? What about your response to my second issue

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