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Default Re: What kind of score do you want for the sequel?

Originally Posted by Mysteryman View Post
Speaking of Scores, I saw Elysium yesterday.
Anybody else get an Inception vibe from that score?
Definitely, but it goes in a beautiful and entirely different direction in places. But it doesn't have much in the way of themes, and a similar approach wouldn't work for this movie.

I really wish Shirley Walker or Joel Goldsmith were still living. They could work absolute magic with Zimmer's material -- like weaving fragments of "Flight" and "Lasiurus" throughout the score. Then sparingly punctuated with triumphant, fully arranged statements during the climax. (Walker would handle Zimmer's material well, since she had worked with him in his early parts of his career.)

Also, I think David Arnold would really do something special with this movie. He'd also incorporate Zimmer's material too.

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