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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon - Part 1

Originally Posted by the last son View Post
She saw the little girl in the first one shoot the camera right? What about your response to my second issue
Yeah, but everyone's reaction to that was basically "WTF?!" and utter disbelief. I don't think anyone has any idea who that was, and she never "came out" publicly, not to mention two years have passed since that incident, so it's not really a natural leap for Katie to make. The conversation she overheard was sounding pretty bad, lol. Also, she's been kinda sketchy/flaky from the beginning, imo, so it didn't seem all that out-of-character to me.

I also edited my above post about the second part of your question. The Todd thing sucked. I think everyone's pretty much in agreement there, haha.

Originally Posted by the last son View Post
Ok got it. Thanks for helping people.
No problem.


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