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Originally Posted by Panthro View Post
I'm sorry but how exactly did Thor and his fellow Asgardians "come off great" in this? They all basically played jobbers to the Hulk - most went down without a fight, Thor got the Passion of the Christ treatment just short of being nailed to a cross, just to show off why the Hulk is superior. That's not exactly coming off "great".

Heck, the animation and character designs weren't even that good. About the only thing I did like was the voice work on Loki, Sif and Amora and that doesn't make up for poor writing and poor animation on what was little more than Hulk propaganda.
I know we can all get heated about our favorite heroes and how they are portrayed across media. I am a Superman fan. How do you think I feel about my dude getting jobbed by an aristocrat in a flying rat costume? These characters are all about belief, and anything that runs counter to our own beliefs, or would seem to be almost designed to diminish that belief (Cough *THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS* cough) always singes our hinders. But you'll pardon me if the term "Hulk propaganda" sounds a tad "tin foil brigade" to me. It comes off a little on the unhinged side. Just saying.

I just think HULK VS. was a very well done project that is a great intro to the both the world of Thor and Wolverine. The designs and tones are both very comic accurate. Did the Asgardians get smacked around by Hulk in this? Yes. But are we given a big ole plot contrivance (Hulk being rage filled like never before because Banner has been separated from him so his anger reigns supreme without any rationality to counter his emotional state) to explain this? Yes. Is this not the kind of stuff that's happened in comics to every character? Yes. The population of Asgard, Thor especially are shown to be just warriors, brave and true, that fight to the bitter end, no matter the cost. And again, though you feel the need to disagree, they look amazing as they do it. That shot of Valkyrie with her battle helm on, waiting for the Hulk to arrive is so Zod damned beautiful. Plus the characterizations of everyone is also comic accurate. If the fact that Thor is "beaten" by a version of the Hulk that is not his usual baseline version blinds you to all this I think it's a pity. I felt I was seeing an old school Marvel Comic in motion. About the only thing missing was Stan Lee doing the narration.

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