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Default Re: What kind of score do you want for the sequel?

If Hans Zimmer returns, I would love nothing more than for him to do the Williams Superman theme or something similar to TAS' Superman theme for Superman (just getting him on scores that are already written sounds quite good at times, case and point, the new Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer's score sounds 100 times better than James Horner's version, even though they're the "same" score/piece), and as for Batman, the ONLY way you can go is either the Danny Elfman score or the animates series score by Shirley Walker. Put Zimmer's ass on those if you have him back or get a new composer entirely and have him use those scores but rework them.

If they did just those scores like that, I wouldn't care if Justin Timberlake or Orlando Bloom were Batman and Superman, I would pay to watch that movie and I would enjoy the **** out of it.

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