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Default Re: Would you do anything differently in MoS?

While I personally enjoyed the movie I can't deny that it could've been better, here are some of the changes that I'd implement:

Shorten the krypton sequence, 10 minutes tops. As much as I loved everything we got about krypton I felt that Jor-el and Zod told Clark about krypton later on in the film so there was no need for 20 minutes of it at the beginning.

Instead of having clark as a lost soul with no direction, I would've liked for him to have been a globe trotting journalist/blogger. Infact the second act would open with an adult clark in a troubled Asian or an African nation (use a ficitonal DC comics city like Byalia or Bhrutran) where he's pulling a double duty of helping the populace and trying to get the international community to pay attention through his writing.
It is at this point where we (and Clark) get to meet lois, who like clark is a fearless reporter who tends to go to hot areas around the world to raise awareness (thus giving the pair a common purpose in order to establish a connection). It is here where we can have lois and clark interact, antagonize, flirt and ultimately fall in love.

Loved the flash back sequence, but I really thought that the tornado scene could've been handled differently. Instead of Clark just standing there watching pa kent die, they could've had jon help out another person (instead of a damn dog!) and when that said person is running towards shelter he/she slips and falls and so clark runs to help carry them to the underpass and while his back is turned pa kent is suddenly killed by a flying car. And when he's telling lois about it later on, he would'nt say that I let my father die, he'd say that "I hesitated, I could've done something the second I saw that tornado but I didn't and by the time I decided to do something about it I lost my father......I hesitated because I trusted my father, who believe that the world isn't etc....

Instead of superman stupidly slamming zod into the heart of the town (killing god knows how many people) I would've had him body slam zod into the corn fields only to have the kryptonian shop blast him into the town, thus not making superman into a reckless oaf.

I'd redo the entire last 30 (mindless) minutes of the film where instead of 2 world engines, there'd be a dozen or so spread throughout the world with a very short montage of recognizable cities getting blown up. This would be in keeping with the disaster sci/fi feel the movie was going for and to also show that it wasn't just an attack on an american city (ala 9/11) but an attack against the entire globe.
In dealing with the attack superman would've flown into the fortress where he engages zod in battle and losses the battle badly only for zod (and the audiences) to realize that superman intended to get zod away from the fortress to allow prof hamilton, the military et al to use the fortress's tech to re active the jor-el AI and order it to shut down the world engine (remember that jor-el told lois that he's now in control of the ship's mainframe). superman also makes it clear to zod that he [zod] exists for the sole purpose of protecting krypton's sanctity and that if he doesn't surrender superman would instruct the military to blow up the fortress and embryonic chamber thus destroying krypton's chances of future survival.
I think this works out much better because it allows superman to beat his more powerful opponent by out smarting him rather than over powering him.

Lastly instead of having a post credits scene, they could've had a scene running with the credit, which comprises basically of multiple news footage (and comprising mostly of found footage) showing superman's impact on global politics, religion, fashion, facebook one could fit in plenty of humor incorporating everyday things and giving the film it's intended real world feel.

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