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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread
So just to go off on a superhero tangent quickly, do you mind if I field a few questions about X-Force?

Only if you don't mind me being a bit evasive!

Alright then! So, there have been many incarnations of the team [Wadlow starts shaking his head]... no? Nothing?

All I can say is this: I bought X-Force #1 when I was a kid, I've read the recent run of Uncanny X-Force which I thought was fantastic, but other than that I just can't comment on the line-up or anything yet.

So were you a superhero fan before you came to Kick-Ass and X-Force then?

Oh, yeah, massive, massive. I collected comics from my first allowance until college, in my mid-20s, and I only stopped purely because I couldn't afford it anymore! You know, I had to pay my rent and figure out a way to eat, by the time I stopped collecting they were like $3 an issue which is a lot compared to the 95 cents it was when I started. I've actually rediscovered comics in the last few years on my iPad, using the Marvel app and Comixology. I hate reading books on my iPad, but comics look amazing on it. I really enjoy it, so I've been filling the gaps in my back issues that way.

So changing angle on X-Force, would you say it's a stand-alone movie, or is it something that spins out of what Fox is currently doing with the X-Men franchise?

Oooh, let's see, what can I say? Let me put it like this. It will seamlessly exist in the X-Men cinematic universe, but it's not a sequel.
So yeah, def a mix of early X-Force and Uncanny X-Force.

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