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Default Re: The whole "freak" thing is getting old and makes no sense

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Here I disagree in that fear of mutants has nothing to do with a shared culture or ethnicity and everything to do with the fact that they have dangerous powers that people find threatening. Mutants aren't our children, they are potentially our replacements in evolutionary terms. Were mutants to follow the same path as previous newly-evolved primate species, they would eventually supplant humanity altogether, just as humans superseded Neanderthals.

The prospect of eventual human extinction, which is the goal of some very powerful mutants, coupled with the fact that so many of them possess powers that threaten harm to others, perfectly explains why anti-mutant hysteria might take hold in society. While most mutants tried to blend in and live normal lives (at least until Bendis slaughtered 99% of them), Magneto and some others have repeatedly tried to wipe out humanity. Others have caused death and destruction as well. Most people would naturally react negatively to a group like that.
I'm sorry, but you miss the point: yes, they *are* our children. Every mutant child has human parents ( or in some vanishingly rare as-yet cases, grandparents ). They are only as culturally "other" as their parents choose to make them. . . and with no existing reference frame for "othering" them. There is literally no existing groundwork for people choosing to decree that their children are not actually their children, but some monstrous inhuman other.

Which is why I maintain that, no, it makes little sense for mutants to automatically be treated as some single unified instant minority by the common culture, in the way it always has been portrayed. Distrusted by the government because of reasons of power, sure, but being distrusted by the government is hardly the reason for universal cultural ostracism. Quite the opposite: you'd expect being mistreated by "The Man" would draw instant partisans in support from numerous quarters.

The rest is, still, complete nonsense even if it is likely to be believed. Mutants are only automatically replacing humans in the sense that each generation eventually ages and dies and is replaced by the next. This is *not* "extinction", this is life as it has always been. It only becomes a tragedy in the mind's eye if you choose to define mutants as the Other, but as I've already said, that makes no sense on the face of it.

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