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Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
My rule of thumb is "ignore anyone who uses the words 'elevate' or 'transcend.'" A movie should not try to escape its genre, it should try to *embody* the genre. Its code word for "Genre films are inferior trash, but I like this one, so even though its clearly a crime drama/sci-fi movie/superhero film/whatever, I am going to pretend that it isn't."
If every film stuck to the conventions of their genre then films wouldn't evolve. I honestly can't believe what some of you are writing in here. When you limit yourselves to the conventions of the genre you're not reaching the characters or the films full potential. You're sacrificing doing more for the sake of sticking to a formula. Some of you seem so hell bent on sticking to that formula for reasons that frankly perplex me. What is the 'embodiment' of the superhero genre exactly? This doesn't make any sense, none of you are making any sense or attempting to justify such a claim, you're just spewing nonsensical fanboy gibberish in an attempt to mask your dislike of a particular film.

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