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Originally Posted by Squaremaster316 View Post
Many find Nolan's villains to be very imaginative, and the subtle alterations were genius.

Newsflash, not every comic book deals with fantastical concepts. Many of them tell stories about everyday people dealing with situations that happen to the most of us. The only difference b/w them and "novels" is that one tells the story with visuals at times while another uses only dialogue.

Making a world revolving around Batman plausible IS imaginative.

And films like Green Lantern follow Iron Man 1 as an example. Doesn't seem like that's a great alternative. There's a hell of a lot more films (comic and otherwise) that have ended up getting savaged by critics and fans that follow a tone similar to Avengers than those that follow TDK. Skyfall, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes and more followed Batman Begins/TDK's example and many regard them as superior quality pieces of film making to TA.

Your narrow definition of "imagination" seems to be as tired, stale and repetitive as Marvel is these days.
Skyfall copied TDK. Rise of the Apes and Star Trek? Not so much outside of the prequel concept.

Did Nolan and co brainstorm to make Batman plausible? Yes.

That doesn't automatically mean the end product can be considered imaginative.

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