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I haven't seen it (just because I've hardly heard anyone speak positive about it) but I'd say that it's not so much Thor being beaten but how he's being beaten. If there's a Hulk that's beyond what he usually is, then Thor should be busting out more of his power than he usually does, rather than just accept getting beaten up.

There's nothing wrong with heroes getting beaten as long as they don't get beaten because of writers that can't handle them (i.e. making them look weak and stupid). Thor is beaten by Gorr the God Butcher several times in the comic arc that just ended, but it's never done so in a manner that makes Thor look weak. That's why the arc was absolutely awesome, as Thor was in over his head but still seemed like the powerhouse that he is every single issue.

Aaron can really write Thor and if he continues like this it could be my favorite Thor run. There's a lot of hacks that can't write him though and should just stick to writing heroes with power levels they can handle.

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