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Default Re: The Batmobile Thread

Originally Posted by KillerMcQueen View Post
too bulky on the bottom for me, strays too much into the burton territory with the way the wheels were moved forward, and the compactness is a bit too tumblerish for my taste, I feel like the changes take away a lot of the uniqueness that I loved about the design, I think the solution to improving the design is at the front of the car rather than under it or at the back of it, something to make it look like it wouldn't break should it ram another vehicle.
The original design looks appealing and the artist deserves a metal for designing that. IMO the problem with the original design is it focuses much more on style than anything else. I think a Batmobile should have SOME style but it should also look practical. The bulk of the Tumbler and the Keaton Batmobile gave the vehicles a powerful and intimidating look. To me, the original design doesn't look convincing as a combat vehicle nor does it look like a representation of Batman. It's too much on the sci fi/futuristic side.

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Mister Meddle this is awesome!!!! Nice work!!!

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