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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

I hope she shows up as much as possible. But I really don't think Singer has any interest in her. We can't even get Cyc or Storm development. The other X-Girls don't get enough attention/development as it is and he's got the three most popular minus Jean. Emma Frost seems to be wasted in the grand scheme of things which is a shame. I really wanted to see her on the X-Men. She's a great contrast to the team. I know theres always the "with a great writer Psylcoke could work and stand out" but I just don't see her being used by Singer other then action scenes and power if at all. Like I said I hope she does get used, especially where Angel is but with X-Force I think that can allow her to get her due more.

Wadlow is obviously a fan, so hopefully the X girls in this one will stand out more then they would being included in a small role in a X-Men film. I'm sure that would be the case with Dom.

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