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Default Re: Rumoured New X Men Cartoon

Putting them in public school was dumb. What was the point of the private academy they went to and lived at then? No one thinks it's strange that a bunch of kids live in a private academy yet attend public school?

The lack of mutant knowledge never bothered me. I liked that. It was a slow rolling out process of hysteria and mistrust. I also really liked the whole "This group is the X-Men" and "This group is the New Mutants" thing. It was nice seeing them introduce newer students to the academy.

Robert Kelly being their principal though was just... UGH. Same with Mystique being their principal.

The first season and a half is painful. It's very kiddie. Once the show got darker and more complex, it really grew into something much stronger. The last season, however brief, is just across the board some great work. That last season is a show where everything is finally working, and working at the top of its game.

The problem with X-Men: Evolution is that for a long period of time it completely missed the point of what attracted so many to the comics in the first place. Replacing the social commentary with brainless episodes in which one member of the X-Men and one member of the Brotherhood would be introduced simultaneously and fight it out.

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