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Default Re: Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. cartoon

So far I think the show has been pretty good. It is too bad hardcore fans cannot put aside their hate for Marvel Animation because if they sit and actually watch it, the show is pretty good.

This is pretty much Fred Tatasciore doing Smart Hulk. We talked at D23 how in his mind he sees more of Banner's intellect within this Hulk and he plays that side of him. In the earlier shows he would do, Fred was doing Savage Hulk, and now he's the smarter, more heroic Hulk

The plot with the Leader and Skaar is HEY AN ONGOING PLOT! Something hating fanboys won't admit the show has. Hulk actually has a plan on dealing with Skaar. He's well aware on Skaar's dealings with the Leader, but he's planning to win Skaar over or Skaar will ultimately lead them to the Leader. Hulk being cunning and trying to one-up his attackers who would not expect this of him is cool.

Hulk's reaction to the Hulkbusters was actually very cool and interesting. Hulk does not resent Iron Man for doing it and on some level agrees with it.

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