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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon - Part 1

Originally Posted by Ultimatehero View Post
Clearly to me its some fanboys letting their imaginations run wild. We have had proof that Hit Girl likes Dave. We have had proof that Dave sees her in a non sexual manner. Where exactly is the proof that he was turned on by her? Usually when guys are excited - we have difficulty hiding it. We go "oh, wow" (smile, blush, something we can't help) not "what the heck was that? Okay...." They set Hit Girl up, where was Dave at all reciprocating it? If they wanted that? He would have at least smiled rather than acting like kissing cousins and awkwardly taken aback as if she was his cousin. Basically where is the proof on Dave's end rather than speculation?

Saying Dave 'might' develop feelings later despite going "what the heck? Okay..." is speculation not based on anything in the film.

As to why? The whole film was about Hit Girl's developing femininity and being able to take charge of her life as a girl rather than following the girls. Due to screen time and everything like that, from a structural stand-point it is fairly obvious why things happened and why she acts the way she does. However, on this same hand, where was Dave's reciprocation in a sexual manner? This isn't a hard thing to write or portray - a smile or a blush, not a confused scrunched face. Even if those feelings were there but not unearthed yet, there would have been some notion of that - not the look of somebody's who just been violated. A random girl? Cool! A cousin? Eww. Not that difficult to portray - they chose the scrunched face.
Ah, it's just storytelling. They established that Dave cannot relate to Katie or NB in KA2. He will likely be in a lonely place in KA3 with no father and likely little in his life but superheroing.

They established HG likes Dave in KA2 and leave Dave's reaction as stunned as he only finds out with 2 minutes of movie left.

By the next time there is a third one, assuming they ever make it, she will be 18 or 19 and Dave will be in a bad place.

I am not saying this is how I would have done it. I am just saying this is Hollywood romance 101. They are setting the deck for the next one. It is kind of obvious.

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