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Default Re: Series You Rank In Release Order

Batman films:
The Dark Knight 9/10
Batman Begins 8.5/10
Batman Returns (1992) (I liked its twisted nature, and preferred Pfieffer's Catwoman over Hathaway's) 8/10
The Dark Knight Rises (still good, but too many plot-holes for me to appreciate on the same level as TDK and BB. Plus, Bane went out like a bit of a.....) 7/10
Batman (1989) (good, but undeniably dated now) 6.5/10
Batman Forever (1995) 3/10 (it has a nice Seal song)
Batman & Robin (1997) (... the pain...) 0/10


X-Men: First Class 9/10 (really enjoyed the retro feel of this one and the casting)
X2 (Stryker! Attack on the mansion!) 8/10
The Wolverine (2013) (Solid, if not exceptional 7.5/10
X-Men (2000) (Great at the time. A bit dated now) 7/10
Wolverine: Origins (2009 I think) 6/10 (didn't hate it quite as much as everyone else)
X3: Last Stand 4/10 (but this one I did)

Indiana Jones:
Raiders of the Lost Ark 9.5/10
Temple of Doom 8/10 (Very original and dark. Unfairly maligned and criticized)
Last Crusade 7/10 (the third act got a bit goofy for me)
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 3.5/10 (Fairly maligned and criticized)

Fast and Furious
Fast Five 8/10 (stupid, but fun)
The Fast and the Furious 7.5/10
Fast Five 7/10
Tokyo Drift 6/10 (like the setting)
Fast & Furious (2009) 5/10 (kind of a chore to sit through)
2 Fast 2 Furious 4/10 (lack of Vin Diesel to anchor this really made it a lot less fun. All these movies are stupid, but they're watchable when they're fun. The black dude is no Vin)

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