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Default Re: First Class 3 or X-Men 5?

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
So they are using the OT cast so a film featuring the FC cast would sell more. Then they will dump the OT cast after DOFP?

Thats not a good strategy. If the OT cast is the one that will really get the mainstream viewers to watch a X-Men movie then they should be making more films with them.

EDIT: And if FOX is just gonna use the OT cast to boost the FC cast, why didn't they bring back the majority of the FC cast? Especially Emma Frost?! The line-up that they have for the future/modern-day world is bigger than their line-up for the 70s.
Emma Frost wasnt coming back once January Jones had her little affair with Matthew Vaughn, that was clear from the start, also the likes of Azazel and Angel arent exactly fan favourites, they could be dumped with no consequences. I think any FC sequel wouldnt have had these characters personally.

If FC had made $200 million domestic and not $145 though, I think a direct sequel to that would have been made and we wouldnt be getting DOFP personally. I think they felt that the FC movies needed a little star- power boost and they knew they had this great story which would bring back fan favourites to boost the BO and anticipation.

I think what has happened SINCE the initial announcement and the excitement the OT cast have brought they are now thinking more about bringing them back again, but I think the FC cast are still the priority personally.

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
Two X-Men producers, Hutch Parker and Lauren S.Donner hav,e mentioned continuing with OT cast too.

So its kind of ironic that the ones not seeing it are the fans, lol.

Fox and producers now know perfectly the potential the fanchise has right now, with both casts. So no way they will get rid of any of the two casts. Not when Singer is back and all the OT actors are open to do more movies.

They have a goldmine, so they will exploit it more than ever.
As I said above, I personally think that is because they have seen the fan reaction to the OC coming back and want to drum it up even more by saying the OC could possibly come back again.

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