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Default Re: What kind of score do you want for the sequel?

Originally Posted by TDK010 View Post
I'd say Christopher Drake, IF he ever moves onto major motion pictures. He's doing the new Arkham Origins game score aswell. I particularly like his music for Batman: Under The Red Hood, All-Star Superman & The Dark Knight Returns.

James Horner's Spider-Man theme doesn't come close to Elfman's and it couldn't have been that great if he's being replaced by Zimmer for the sequel.

It's surely going to be Hans again and since this is meant to be a different Batman, I'd like to hear something new from Zimmer. Something similar to Drake's work, if possible.

Yeah I put some of Drake's music in my original post.

Although seriously, the score in MOS was really good in my opinion. I'm kind of glad it diverted away from anything remotely close to Williams' theme while at the same time showed music that felt epic, grand and super in its own right. I'm glad we got to see an evolution. If Batman could get past the 1960s Adam West theme(even though people liked it and it's beloved) then why can't Superman?

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