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Default Re: First Class 3 or X-Men 5?

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
People realize that be erasing the trilogy and both origins/The wolverine you are sticking X-Men In peroid pieces.That would kill expansion of universe.

Some want time travel to do to X-Men what J.J. abrams did to Star Trek.Now ignoring the fact that Last Stand,Origins,and the wolverine are all more sucess than all NG Trek films.You are left with even more blanet errors If you have characters who were teenagers In trilogy start showing up In series earlier than they could have been.That's
one of problems with Abrams Trek.Khan In Into darkness doesn't fit the backstory.Plus
you have chekov suddenly born earlier.Despite all the alternate timeline talk the result Is still the same as outright reboot.Nothing from any Trek show or first 10 films has any importance to Trek anymore.They are never going to be films or tv shows set In so called prime trek universe anymore.If they do as some advocate the trilogy,Origins,the wolverine,and future part of DOFP become ilrelvent

Cyclops was around 16 In Origins set around 1979.He couldn't be introduced till 6 years after past part of DOFP.

They already dropped most of first Class cast except for big 4and Havok.And Havok may only have a small role.The first class cast only has 1 more film on contract.After that they will be In same situation after the last stand,Having to reneograte deals.DOFP proved the OT cast was willing to return but will say Jennifer Lawrence be willing to continue after her contract Is fullfilled.

and some are fooling themselves If they think DOFP will be end of Wolverine In Series.If most other films were erased they could have Wolverine now a X-Man before cyclops,jean,and storm.
You either have to make whole sale changes and essentially JJ Abrams it, or you have to barely tweak it. You can't have a tweener that basically contradicts major elements, like Jean survivng at the end of the trilogy. It would completely contradict the climax of the last OT movie and The Wolverine. If Fox wants certain characters back it, they will have to write them back in despite what transpired in the OT. It can be done, but it has to start with DoFP providing some of those answers.

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