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Default Re: First Class 3 or X-Men 5?

I'd say a FC 3. I was thinking about opening up the film w/orgin scenes for Scott, Jean, and Storm w/new recruit Gambit fast forward severel years later and it's graduation time for them.

One of the plots would be life after the "Xavier institute", w/Scott dealing w/how he'll fit into society, because what job will hiring him wearing shades, Beast will eventually leave to get involved in politics, the start of Jean and Scott's blossoming romance, and we' see the connection between Storm and Gambit, both being theives, orhpans, wanting a better life. We would see Scott/Gambit struggling to get along and leading the team which we'll see Storm step up a little bit and focus on Jean's growing power a hint to Phoenix.

the main plot would Mr. Sinister and the mutant massacre, Friend's of Humanity causing trouble, Mystique has jumped shipped and is working for Sinister, since Magneto maybe imprisoned (we'll see after DOFP). Also Gambit is being mind controlled by Sinister to inflitrate the X-Men.

By the end of the film, Beast leaves, Gambit leaves feeling that he isn't a"team player" and will be a theif for hire thus leading to X1 w/a team of Scott,Jean and Storm.

Oh and a special end credit scene with Mystique, Toad, Sabretooth breaking Magento out of prison/confinement would be homeage to X1

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