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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon - Part 1

Originally Posted by Ultimatehero View Post
I basically skipped through all of your huge blocks of text after I saw it was the exact same thing over and over and over again - "Hit Girl likes Dave so even though we never see that Dave likes Hit Girl he is definitely gonna because he is gonna!"

As for screenwriting and subtext, dude what is there is what is there. You would have some hint from Dave other than that of a sibling. They didn't even give one they gave the opposite. Also what exactly is your background? Mine actually is being a screenwriter for Universal. So, let's see - who actually knows more about that... And I know people will call me a jerk for pointing this out, but the dudes post above beyond called for it.

As said, it would be as simple as a blush. The whole thing and whole point was Hit Girl gaining confidence as a woman. And if they wanted anything with Dave - they'd have gone with any other action than a scrunched face. Happy ending for Hit Girl? Yes. Necessary ending or a definitive one? No. There is nothing other than wanting a happy ending for Hit Girl and inserting feelings for Dave (which are never shown) behind this. This is a world where the characters don't get their happy fairy tale endings. Hell, Miller even jokes he'd like to see everyone die in the third one. So in the world the film set up? Hit Girl is most likely going to die, Dave is going to be depressed or alone or go into an asylum. THAT is the world of the film - these aren't happy ending romantic comedies where the boy suddenly gets feelings that were never there before so the girl can get her dream guy. Nothing in the world points to that and its the opposite of the ending Miller is joking about giving us - this is the writer and one of the key creative minds behind the films, happy fairy tale endings have never been what he goes after.
So basically you ignored the parts where I and the other poster made it clear what's happening. Wow. The idea of those getting together really bugs you, huh.

It's Hollywood writing. They're setting up a romance between the two if a kick-ass 3 gets made. That's obvious. Those scenes simply would not be there if not to setup a future romance.

Watch more movies and read more books. One main character liking another main character, and that other one not feeling the same way right away is not uncommon. It happens all the time. 99.9999% of the time, the story ends with that other character eventually feeling the same way.

It's basic movie logic. Hit-girl is not going to just get with some random guy and Dave is not going to be with some random girl. The movie establishes that they understand each other better than anyone else can.

Oh, you for work for universal. Would you care to provide some proof of that? You would think that a screenwriter would understand basic subtext and Hollywood romance rules. Even other posters have pointed out how obvious it is.

Oh, and it's Millar. Not Miller. And Millar is a terrible writer who relies purely on shock value. In the comics, Dave and Mindy don't have any feelings for each other. That was changed in the movie (as well as many things being changed for this movie and the first one from comic to screen). This is not a comic. This is Hollywood. Mindy's girly stuff and her crush on Dave never happens in the comics. They added it in for the sake of making the movies more appealing. More Hollywood rules.

I find it baffling that someone who supposedly works in the industry knows so little about it. There is ZERO chance that the studio will allow either Dave or Mindy to die at the end of a Kick-ass 3 movie, if such a thing is ever made. Just like I said on IMDb, way back when, that the studio would never allow the rape scene or the dog head scene to make into their movie.

You seem to be a TDKR fan, so I'll give you an easy comparison. WB would have NEVER permitted Nolan to actually kill off Bruce Wayne.

You claim to work for Universal, but your comments seem to muddy that. How can a screenwriter active in the film industry have absolutely no idea about how things go down behind the doors of a movie studio?

The only way Mindy or Dave will die at the end of a Kick-ass 3 movie is if it's an indie film that has its budget provided by Millar and only Millar. Otherwise, if a mainstream production company and studio are involved, neither Dave nor Mindy are going to die. Period. To paraphrase Millar when he talked about why the extreme stuff from the comics wasn't included in the movie- You have to change things to please a more mainstream audience.

Originally Posted by Ultimatehero View Post
I'm unsure exactly what you're saying, but he tells and acts about her the same way people would their sister or cousin. And in the end he oddly has a look like he's just been violated. Basically there's "what was that?!" and "where did that come from?"
Absolutely false. Now you're just making things up. You're acting as if he throws up after he kisses her. He is surprised. That's all. He is not violated or disgusted I any way. He doesn't even come close to pushing her away or anything like that. There's just surprise... and not at all unpleasant surprise. It's the surprise of a guy who just found out a female friend has romantic feelings for him. I don't know what sort of relationship you have with your cousins or sisters, but if a relative kisses you on the mouth, the normal reaction is to flinch away and spit out onto the ground or push that person away. Dave doesn't do any of those things.

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