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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon - Part 1

I think the Mindy/Dave debate that's going on here is really interesting because I truly believe they've made it so that either scenario is equally possible and neither would betray the characters as they've been established thus far.

From what we saw in KA2, Mindy has a crush on Dave, and Dave clearly has no feelings for Mindy in that way. That's the status as of now. If there were a sequel (which I'm quite sure there won't be at this point), regardless of what happens in the comics sequel which is naturally gonna be extremely different at this point, they could continue to have a comraderie in which Mindy either continues to have a crush or gets over it and moves on, and that would be entirely faithful to the characters. They could also have Dave start to develop feelings for her in the sequel, and it wouldn't be out of nowhere or a betrayal of what we've seen of his character thus far either. We already know he admires the hell out of her and pretty much holds her up on a pedestal, but has always seen her as an asexual being up to now. Quite simply, that can change as they both get older, especially if she's leaving town and doesn't re-emerge in his life for quite some time (assuming this unlikely hypothetical sequel is made another couple of years from now). That situation would automatically require them to re-establish their relationship as the people they have now evolved into, so the potential for romantic feelings would certainly be possible in that case.

I think either direction would work for the characters, and neither one would be off the table. And you know that if they were to make a sequel, the filmmakers would inevitably seriously consider both options, regardless of whatever happens in the KA3 comic.

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