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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon - Part 1

A dog's head getting cut off? Extreme. A rape scene? Extreme. Kids getting killed? Extreme. One of the characters dying is not an extreme. There's nothing overly violent about it. They kept to the key essence of the story. Things were removed due to NC-17 content, not because of the story.

I also explained why it was only natural for Hit Girl to kiss Dave and Dave not to react. "How can we have this story arc have a satisfying conclusion? We could have her kiss Dave, have her taking charge. Yeah, but Dave isn't really into her in that way. Well, then we can have Dave look repulsed by it. That way we show that Dave doesn't have feelings for her still and have Hit Girl progress. We kill two birds with one stone and we don't need to bring another guy into the picture taking up more time." This is what seems to have most likely happened, because this literally happens all the time - just you guys never read the drafts before it hits the screen. This is classic 'suit' thinking in work.

As said - all you're doing is basing it around hypotheticals.

Also, I don't need to provide proof, since I've said this for about over a year now and for more than half a year have been deliberate in naming who I'm connected to. Go ahead and ask anybody here.

Again, provide proof from the actual film other than your classic hypotheticals. I can say Kick Ass will toss Todd out as a friend after he finds out what happened and Todd will go back to Red Mist as a villain again and argue up and down based on hypotheticals that that will happen. Does that mean it will? Not really, no.

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